Fix it!

…is probably the phrase that I hear most often from my clients. Preferably as creatively and detail-oriented as possible, often very quickly and obviously of the highest quality! Because they know that they can get it!


My name is Jens Simonsen and I’m the graphic designer/ advertising craftsman behind Simonsen’s Streger. I can assist you with some of your marketing related jobs and before you know it, I deliver!

Graphic design

If you need a reliable, creative hand to help with your graphic material, you’ve come to the right place! I do all types of assignments from posters, vehicle decoration, stickers and brochures to annual reports, direct mailings, product catalogues, signs and much, much more.


I often work on assignments with technical and complicated material that has to be disseminated in as easy and accessible a way as possible. However, I obviously also work with many other types of assignments, both B2C and B2B.


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Finished artwork

If you have material that “just” has to be modified, adjusted or versioned, then let me help you! I have many assignments where the starting point has been material already developed by another agency or a graphic department.


Example: I receive artwork for an already developed brochure and am given the task of developing other marketing material (e.g. roll ups, direct mailings, advertisements, etc.,) in the same style and with the same graphic expression!

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If you need input for your written content, I can also help you with this. I have worked on a large number of assignments where the written content has been a part of it – from rewriting Shell’s customer communications to website texts, direct mailings, sales letters, brochure texts and much more.


Example:  I get a description of an idea from my client or an actual draft, which I then use as a basis to write from. That’s the way I work for clients such as Shell, Univar, DLG, Dansk Varme Service, Hove and others.


If you have considered putting together a newsletter to your customers, that’s also something I can help you with! I have done similar work for, among others, Univar Lubricants, elecom and Shell in Denmark, the UK and the Benelux countries, where we have also used newsletters in connection with strategic marketing and data collection.

Web Content

I maintain many of my clients’ websites and I can also take care of yours. I typically work with the updating of written content, images and graphics. If coding or SEO/SEM is required, I collaborate with several talented experts on this.


Would you like me to spiff up your presentation or build a new one from scratch?  I have extensive experience with PowerPoint and I have worked on a number of major jobs for clients such as Oticon, Momentum Group and many Copenhagen advertising agencies.

Hold the press!

I have extensive production experience and over the last 15 years I have worked closely with a handful of printing houses, sign companies, etc., meaning I can secure you some very competitive prices for your printing needs.

Get a good deal on print!


Put simply! Do you have a problem – or rather, do you have a marketing challenge where you could use some help or an extra pair of hands? Pass the ball here and let me run with it.


I can help you from start to finish with the job, and my goal is always to make it as easy, quick and flexible for you as possible!

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