I do a lot of different types of assignments, both for direct clients and as a freelancer for several Copenhagen-based advertising agencies. I have worked with the majority of my clients for many years, including Univar Lubricants in Scandinavia:


I was pleased with my collaboration with Simonsen’s Streger as I saw great commitment and good understanding of the industry that I work in. Jens has delivered both creatively and as a consultant for many years, and my colleagues and I have always felt prioritised. Jens is an experienced graphic designer with attention to detail and he has great drive, which he uses when we have produced marketing material.


Susanne Ekdahl, former Brand & Communication Manager, Univar Nordics.


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Univar Lubricants

For the last 5 years, Univar has been responsible for the distribution of Shell’s lubricant products throughout the Nordic region and I have been on board from the start. I carry out a large number of jobs from display materials, brochures, catalogues, labels, etc., to online banners and newsletters.


Typically, we develop the material in one language and then get it versioned to the other three languages. Some material comes almost finished and just needs to be versioned, while in other cases, it has to be developed from scratch.

Shell in many guises

Over the last 12 years I have worked on all sorts of assignments for Shell in Scandinavia, the UK and the Benelux countries. From all kinds of marketing materials, display materials, training materials to invitations, annual reports and much, much more.


It requires creativity on several levels, speed, discipline and a thorough understanding of Shell’s Brand Guidelines.

Dansk Varme Service

Dansk Varme Service is one of Denmark’s largest providers of energy solutions. I have been on board from day one for about 10 years and I function both as a graphic designer and marketing employee, and I regularly work from their address.


It is an excellent collaboration where I carry out virtually all marketing-related jobs from traditional graphic work, content writing, dissemination of print, website updating to contact with other sub-suppliers.

And the others...

And then there are all the other great clients that I work for now and then. With assignments ranging from actual graphic work, direct mailings, PowerPoint presentations and website updates to newsletters, coordinating photo shoots, print and much more.

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