Graphic design as a lifestyle

Can you compare the layout of a product catalogue to knitting or solving a jigsaw puzzle? A lot of people probably wouldn’t, but I’m one of those rare exceptions! A cup of coffee, some good music to accompany some meditative immersion in front of the PC! A bit nerdy? Not really… probably more of a lifestyle!


In other words: Regardless of the nature of the job, it will have my full attention – right down to the last detail! Whether it is the development of a brochure, the layout of an ad or adding the finishing touches to a PowerPoint presentation!


All of my work is characterised by my extensive experience in both marketing and sales! I have been self-employed for 13 years and before that I worked as an internal graphic designer and webmaster for Shell. In earlier years, I worked in a variety of sales roles, which have equipped me with extensive commercial knowledge.


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Wingman for my clients

“Graphics designer, practitioner and a whole lot more” is probably the closest that I can come to a comprehensive description of myself. I lay out, finish artwork, write content, prepare for print and much more.


I consider myself a bit of a wingman for you as a client when it comes to marketing. Someone who is sitting on the same side of the desk, ready to step in when necessary. And ready to fight a fire or two when they occur! Can I help you?

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